Sacrés produits

Reinventing desserts of the past and present.

Savouring a Sacré Willy dessert amounts to a trip down memory lane. Rediscover the taste of custard and rice pudding of yesteryear, recall the unctuousness of slightly caramelised meringues…
Sacré Willy will surprise you with unique and classic revisited recipes that abide by one single watchword: quality.

Our know-how has been passed down from one generation of Master Dairy Producer to the next, culminating in a wide selection of evermore gourmet desserts that make no concession when it comes to taste and texture.

In-depth knowledge of local produce enables us to select the best ingredients, so you can indulge day after day in a range of simple and truly unique products. Crèmes au four, Riz au Lait, Fromages Blancs, Pains d’épices, Meringues… We have something for all tastes !


A passion for products is our driving force !