Sacrés partenaires

Alpine milk

To guarantee the quality of the milk we use in our recipes, the producers with whom we work have small herds and have developed a real expertise, Le Gaec de Pic Poncon is one of our milk producers.

Who are they?

Le Gaec de Pic Poncon has been producing Alpine milk for three generations. These days, Nathalie, Catherine, Jean-François and Fabrice produce cow and goat milk.

How do they work?

Being driven by a passion for quality products, the farm produces milk with a couple of dozen cows that graze peacefully on the Alpine foothills. In winter, they feed the cows with hay and cereal that they produce themselves.

Their know-how

Rather than producing more to earn more, Le Gaec uses part of their milk production to make cheese. Subsequently, they hold the quality of their milk extremely close to heart.

Madagascar vanilla

Sacré Willy is supplied by « d’Authentic Products » which is committed to respecting fair-trade values in the countries of origin.

Vanilla beans are harvested in Madagascar in July by local producers who have their own plantations. The beans then undergo a dipping and sweating process to halt their growth. Having been dried in the sun and in the shade, the beans are then hand sorted, measured one by one and grouped into bunches.

To obtain an aroma that is both well rounded and powerful, Sacré Willy selects two types of beans of different origins which are then slowly and naturally infused into our products.

Who are they ?

Laurence and Gigi are a passionate team. In Madagascar, Gigi selects the beans and is responsible for their preparation while constantly developing mutually trusting relations with the planters. Meanwhile, Laurence ascertains that the quality of the vanilla from each new harvest fully meets our needs.

How do they work ?

Even though the quality of the selected vanilla beans is of paramount importance for Authentic Products, the Human factor remains crucial to obtaining good products. This is why AP is committed to improving the standard of living of the planters and local populations: crop diversification, opening of a school and health centre, digging of 42 wells to facilitate access to drinking water…

Their know-how

As well as complying with the HACCP procedures, Laurence and Gigi ensure that the planters abide by their recommendations and that vanilla seedlings are cultivated optimally and in compliance with international standards: dipping and sweating processes, drying, selection of seedlings…

The fruit

Who is in a better position than Willy to know what is in its purées !

All the fruit preparations are manufactured by us using purée with a 100% fruit content. We assemble them at the last moment in our product manufacturing process so as to preserve their freshness and ascertain irreproachable quality.

« Fruits Rouges and Co » is our supplier.

Who are they ?

Fruit Rouges and Co is a producer turned transformer who has been making a range of fruit purées for 25 years.

How do they work ?

Fruits Rouges and Co supervises all stages of production, provides advice to producers and carries out quality control. The quality of the fruit undergoes strict quality control procedures during their transformation into purée to guarantee the original taste of the fruit is preserved.

Their know-how

By establishing close partnerships with producers in France but also abroad for exotic fruit, they are able to guarantee a selection of the best fruit that have been grown in the most appropriate parts of the world and harvested when they reach maturity.