Sacré savoir-faire

Sacré Willy is committed to using only natural and ethical ingredients, concocted when possible by French suppliers.
All the gourmet Sacré Willy recipes are additive-free and flavouring-free to bring your childhood memories flooding back in the most natural manner possible.
Sacré Willy is not only a family story and history, but also embodies the promise of rediscovering quality steeped in tradition…

Authentic know-how

Sacré Willy has been concocting desserts for almost 100 years under the expert guidance of passionate Master Dairymen who hold product quality most closely to heart.

The use of noble ingredients is the starting point of all our recipes. Our know-how has been handed down over the last four generations. Its strength resides in its simplicity and the authentic and gourmet results.

Our philosophy

Our aim is to produce genuine, additive-free, gourmet, high-quality products. We strive to enable the discovery or rediscovery of authentic desserts with a unique taste that are reminiscent of our childhood.

The baking of our desserts

Our “technology” is truly original! We use varying proportions of egg whites to achieve the texture required. Each dessert is thus cooked in the oven for one hour to turn the egg albumin to jelly.

Mountain milk

The milk we use is exclusively collected from Alpine farms located under 25 km away from our production facilities. Our partners are committed to feeding their herds with fodder from grazing grounds, namely fresh grass in summer and hay in winter. This guarantees milk with no aftertaste and of incomparable quality.

Once the milk has been collected, the full fat milk is pasteurised at low temperature to preserve its organoleptic properties and is then skimmed.

A watchful eye is maintained throughout all these steps as they are the prerequisites for excellent tasting milk and cream.


Our eggs, which are taken from young hens only, are carefully selected in order to benefit from their full range of properties. Having been separated, the egg whites and yolks are pasteurised and then integrated to the manufacturing process in a very short period of time so as to comply with “fresh egg” manufacturing standards.

Madagascar vanilla

Sacré Willy carries out its own vanilla infusion process with Madagascar beans. The flavours are slowly infused into the milk and the smooth and full taste of the orchid is thus transferred.