Limited edition :
Plantation chocolate creams

Sacré Willy x Michel Cluizel

Sacré Willy has been drawing on its know-how passed down over several generations to create a range of increasingly gourmet desserts while ascertaining that absolutely no concessions are made in terms of taste and texture. It is buoyed by this unwavering commitment that we imagined these new chocolate recipes.

Our creams

This year, we worked with master chocolatier Michel Cluizel to create creams that are truly unique: plantation chocolate creams. Taking pure origin one step further, the cocoa beans used in our recipes are grown in one single plantation in Guatemala for La Laguna cream and in Brazil for Riachuelo cream.
Combined with noble ingredients and our know-how, these creams are simply one of a kind!

A hint of buttery plum for La Laguna cream and dried fruit for Riachuelo cream… our creams will whisk you off to far-flung destinations.

And for a finishing touch, this gourmet chocolate collection also includes two praline creams.

Our approach

Producing plantation chocolate creams implies ascertaining the origin and quality of the cocoa beans but also the sustainability of a plantation which, in the same way as vineyard, is nurtured day after day by planters without whom none of all this would be possible. With these creations, Michel Cluizel and Sacré Willy are placing them on the centre stage.

Our products are available as from the 10th April at :
La Grande Epicerie de Paris, 38 rue de Sèvres Paris 7ème, and 80 rue de Passy Paris 16ème
Causses alimentation générale – PARIS
Rob The Gourmet Market – BRUSSELS
And at Monoprix as from 20th April 2020